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With COVID-19 keeping us socially distant and confined to our homes, we're finding ways to stay fit and healthy.


Start a custom at-home training program today. We are all doing our best to make the most of these uncertain times. We’re here for you and want to support your fitness and health goals. Our entire community is getting creative and it’s actually working. It may even be the best time to get involved. We’d love for you to join us in our online workouts, personal coaching, and community support. Will you join us?

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Note from our Owners:

By now you’re most likely working from home like most of us. Since we’ve had to shut our doors like most small businesses we’ve been moving all of our training online. We have been tinkering with a personalized remote coaching option for a while. It appears the time is NOW for us to launch this service. We’re excited to improvise, adapt and overcome during this crisis.

We’ve moved all of Triumph’s training to online remote coaching last week. Which has allowed us to work out the kinks and test our systems. We deliver the program through Wodify and put you in contact with an assigned remote coach.

This service is a higher value than our group class memberships due to the amount of contact, accountability, and customization of the at-home workouts.

Please know we are here for you and we will take care of our Triumph family in every way possible. If our remote coaching service is not an option for you right now, there are hundreds of resources for free at-home workouts and I can happily send those along to you. I hope to “see” you back with our Triumph community. Get ready to have some fun at home!

We’d love for you to join us online.

What you get:

  1. A remote coach to contact you three days a week with your workout
  2. Access to three live remote classes per day
  3. Access to our private member page where we post daily activities for kids and adults
  4. Access to fun online events like Trivia Night online
  5. Check ins from your personal coach to check your progress and answer questions you may have
  6. Monthly goal review sessions
  7. Access to our workout program software where you can track your progress
  8. Our remote coaching workouts are loaded in Wodify complete with a specific warm-up sequence, mobility exercises, and cool-down practices. Each workout also contains a link our online live class forum which you can join for a morning, lunchtime or evening class
  9. Your coach will be giving you personalized adjustments to tailor each workout to meet your goals and any exercise equipment you have at home.
  10. We are providing a remote coaching service that equals the outstanding service you received in our group classes. I might argue that the remote coaching service is in fact more personalized and has a higher accountability component. In this time of social isolation, our remote coaching option will be a consistent presence to help you remain connected to your health and the Triumph Strength community.

Is this for me?

There is no fitness experience necessary, this program is customized for you to start exactly where you are at right now. Think you might be a good fit?

  • Can you workout three times a week? This can be from your living room, basement or even a park.
  • Can you track your progress with our help?
  • Are you ready to take small healthy steps for two months?
  • Do you have the discipline to follow our nutrition program if you opt in?​
  • Are you ready to grow in other areas of your life?
  • Do you really want to see a change? We’re ready!

I’m Ready. Let’s Do This