You just started, now what?

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So you just joined a CrossFit gym. Fantastic! You’ve completed step one of many steps towards your fitness goal. Now what? You may have already noticed that the preconception of doing backflips, flipping tires and throwing barbells all over the place is slightly misguided. You’ve also probably noticed people with special shoes, particular jump ropes, tape, wraps, belts and so on.

When do you need to get these CrossFit or weightlifting specific items? In short, it depends. But below I’ll try to outline some basic guidelines for getting certain items to add to your fitness “go bag”.

Day 1

  • Water Bottle
  • Great Attitude

You’ve just started, you are getting used to new surroundings, people and movements. Jumping all in on the fancy bells and whistles would in short be a waste of money. You’d probably buy a bunch of stuff you’ll only use a hand full of times. Get a quality water bottle, we prefer the Blender Bottle. Use it for water, use it for post workout protein (but always rinse right after).

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Day 30

  • Shoes
  • Jump Rope

You’ve got a good base under your belt, you figured out what AMRAP, EMOM, AHAP mean and still feel uncomfortable saying “snatch” in public. You’ve also ruined those brand new Brooks running shoes you bought early on after a day of rope climbs. It’s time to buy those first pair of CrossFit specific shoes. The two most popular shoes you’ll see around any gym like ours will be the Nike Metcon and Reebok Nano. Other brands and types you’ll see around are the No Bull trainers, New Balance Minumus and Inov-8 F-lite 290. Despite brand loyalty there isn’t a massive amount of difference between all of these shoes. All of them have minimal heel rise, protection for the foot, rope protection and are light weight. Do your research and pick what you like! metcon-5-training-shoe-212Mx8

I’ve always thought of a jump rope like your pair of shoes. It’s fit to you and your body. You wouldn’t share shoes so why share ropes. Most if not all gyms have a supply of jump ropes lying around, but you know you have that ONE rope that is just perfect and your workout is ruined when someone else grabs it. So why not get your own? Again, like shoes, there are TONS of ropes out there. Pick one that fits you best. Some common brands are Rx Jump Ropes and Rogue jump ropes . Still don’t like any of those, head to to pick from all the types.

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Day 60

  • Bag
  • Wrist wraps
  • Grips
  • Tape

Awesome, you’re on your way to making this a permanent habit. You’re getting the hang of breathing when you’re really really tired. You look forward to chippers and know that “Fran” is essentially a curse word. You’ve collected a few things along the way and now it’s time to get a bag to hold everything. Like just about everything else in this list there’s so many out there. A personal preference is the backpack section in Target. But if you’re really diving into it Rogue always makes a great bag, as well as Hylete and King Kong to round things out.

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Overhead and front squats give a lot of people some discomfort when performing. Wrist wraps are a good way to keep things stabilized while taking some pressure off the wrist. There are two ways to look at. The elastic versions and cloth versions. Both are great and are completely personal preference. rogue-wrap-grey-header

Pull ups and toes to bar tend to be pretty trying on the hands. A great way to protect your hands is to get a set of gymnastic grips. There are many types but should be bought for you and not shared if possible as we’re talking about torn hands involving blood.


You may have heard the term “hook grip” and may even tried it but immediately thought “nope” sunce it feels like someone is pulling your thumbs out with a pair of pliers. A good supply of athletic tape not only helps pad those thumbs, cover abrasions on the skin or tears on the hands. Recognize is that it’s not your gyms responsibility to supply you with athletic tape. Any on hand is meant for first aid emergencies. 81J6jxOJ7-L. SX522

Day 90+

  • Weightlifting Shoes
  • Knee sleeves
  • Go crazy on the clothes

You’re excited to get to class everyday, you’ve got a basic understanding of the movements and you’re making some awesome strides in class. Congratulations, you’ve made it past the 90 day mark. You’ve noticed a few people around the gym getting out, what look like to you, sporty high heels. These weightlifting shoes elevate the heel up to an inch to allow for better squat depth, increased stability in the foot and a solid base to land when performing the snatch and clean. Like CrossFit shoes, there are numerous brands and variations of weightlifting shoes. Some of the more common brands are Nike Romaleos, Reebok Legacy Lifters and Adidas Powerlift and Adipowers.


Contrary to popular belief, knee sleeves are not necessarily there to protect the knee, moreso to keep the joint warm and moving correctly. I personally love them for the colder months. Some great brands to look into are Rehband, Rocktape and Rogue sleeves.

Lastly you owe it to yourself to buy some gear you love to look good in. Go get yourself a couple pairs of shorts and shirts you like. There are more brands, styles and types of clothes than I have room to go into. Talk to others in your gym and ask them what their favorite brands are.

We hope this helps with getting started in your CrossFit journey. This is not an end all be all list and you can purchase what you want when you want. But we hope this allows you to enjoy the process while gaining strength, making friends and becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

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