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When Triumph Strength & Conditioning came to be in 2013 we started with a vision. No matter where you are in life, who you are, fit or sedentary, we meet you where you stand and treat you with the decency and respect you deserve. Over the last 7 years, we’ve grown not only as a business and community but as people. Our fitness family encompasses all walks of life, races, religions, and creeds. Within our four walls, we have Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, believers in a higher power, non-believers, gay, straight, Democrats, Republicans, married, divorced, single parents and the list goes on. The underlying frame of mind of Triumph Strength and Conditioning is and ALWAYS will be one of community and family. Let us be clear. Hate, bigotry, prejudice, and biases do not have a home at Triumph. Literal tears have been shed on our floor. Moments of happiness, sadness, triumph, and tribulation put on the back of a “larger than one person” mentality have helped us build a strong foundation of togetherness.

Some of our proudest moments have come from our entire community surrounding an individual or family in need. From canned food drives to meal trains to coming together over the loss of a community member. Times of hardship made easier by the effort of not one, but all. We are at a crossroads as a nation and world. An entire group, millions of people are in need. Just as in a workout, if one person is struggling, the entire class will surround them to encourage, motivate, and help that person continue to move forward. This is what we need to do for the black members of our race. Come together and let them know we are here, we hear you, and we are listening to your calls for change.

Recently, comments have come from CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman which go against our mantra of inclusiveness. We do not condone or agree with these comments. On a larger note we do not condone or agree with any comments, tweets, or posts promoting and perpetuating bigotry, sexism, or racism.

Our core values are 1) Client First, 2) Gratitude, 3) Humility, 4) Consistency. EVERYTHING we do is pushed through these four values. In every action, we do our best to ensure these criteria are met. You are our most important asset, we are thankful for each and every one of you and together we can help the smaller voice become larger and promote real change that benefits all.

Thank you, The staff at Triumph Strength & Conditioning

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