The Story of Stan: Part 3 of 3

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So now we are moving right along on this Crossfit thing. 6 weeks in dropped 10lbs but I keep going to these awesome things called CHEAT MEALS. Well let me define my idea of a cheat meal: it starts on Friday with Pizza and Ice Cream and continues to I collapse on Sunday night consuming about 12,000 calories over a glorious 3 day binge. This is every week; good decisions Monday- Friday at lunch the BAM! The beast is unleashed and it’s just Stuff yer face till you almost explode. It’s time for a change, a plan, a diet. But men don’t diet?!? Well this man does and when I get into a groove it is full steam ahead. I started tracking my food using the My Fitness Pal app and really concentrating on hitting 2000-2200 calories a day. Now I know that sounds like a lot but at my size, the goal was for 3023 a day. After about 6 weeks at this I had read and listen to all kinds of nutritional advice. I added in copious amounts of water. 140-160oz a day and dropped to about 1800 calories a day. I was able to get to 290 on April 1. DSC 6207

April 1 my “box” started a 2 month Clean eating challenge. I stepped up to the plate and was extremely strict on following the rules and regulations, as well as stepping up my output during workouts. As a result of the hard work and dedication to eating clean I was able to drop 28.4 lbs by June 1st. DSC 6239

June was vacation season with a trip to Disney, Sarasota and Ocala while I didn’t eat perfect I was able to split the goodies and be smart with my food choice. Coming back off vacation holding steady at 262 #win.

Next the “box” started an 800g challenge. This was 800g of fruits and vegetables a day. Well since I was eating clean this was easy for me as my daily intake already consisted of 2 cups of watermelon, 1 cup of pineapple, 7-10 strawberries, zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice. This challenge was in my wheelhouse!

After the 800g challenge I was weighing in at a slim trim chiseled and cut 258… well maybe remove some… ok all of those adjectives but 258 nice!!! Officially 62lbs down from Oct 23 along with significant muscle and strength gains.

Onto my current status. I started the Keto diet on August 5th and man, this is the best I have felt. While eating clean one thing I fell into is way to many carbs from fruit and no where near enough protein. With Keto I have been able to keep my carbs to about 25g a day and up my protein to around 180g a day. I have dropped down as low as 250 and sitting at 252 currently. I feel strong and recover quickly. I have added collagen, creatinine and fish oil in as supplements as well as the multivitamin I have been taking for 4-5 months. I have dabbled with intermittent fasting and think that will be the October challenge.

What has worked for me:

Eat real food- very limited processed foods, if any, it’s a protein shake Have fun try new things Paleo, Keto, 800g challenge (of course speak with your doc first) Push yourself to the limits in the gym and in the kitchen Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep Eat to live don’t live to eat Challenge yourself to not cheat TRACK YOUR FOOD Finally, everyone is different what works well for me may not work for you but journal how you feel, experiment and most importantly have fun on your journey.

As the story goes on one of the major accomplishments in the Crossfit is when you RX your first WOD. RX means you complete all movements using the weight and guidelines that the coach who programs the workout “prescribes”. Earlier on in my story I was able to RX a lot of the weights prescribed but any of the body weight or technical movements I had no shot. So by February I would RX a work out here or there but as I worked and became more experienced I have been able to add in pull ups and chest to bar pull ups to my repertoire. This has allowed me to RX a good potion of work outs since midsummer. It also has allowed me to understand a saying I heard when I first joined Crossfit. It never gets easier you just push yourself further. While as a newbie I disliked that saying but now that I can RX many days I completely understand the statement.

Yesterday’s RX workout

40 minutes

800 meter run 60 walking lunge 40 sit ups 20 front squats 115# 10 power cleans 115# I completed 2 full rounds then was able to finish 800m, 60 lunges, 40 sit ups, 12 front squats before time thankfully ran out.

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