The Story of Stan: Part 2 of 3

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We’re back with week two of three of Stan’s journey, a member who came to us in late 2017. He has become a cornerstone member of the Triumph community with his wife and daughter. His journey is filled with self doubt, failures, hard work and most importantly triumphs. ____________

My first class! The WOD (workout of the day) has a name Freddy’s revenge. 5 rounds 5 shoulder to overhead 10 burpees. I mean considering 14 days ago I didn’t know what a burpee was and 10 days ago 12 burpees were a near death experience these 50 should be no sweat. Add in the shoulder to over head and 3 minutes in I was left wondering who the hell Freddy was and what I did to him for him to extract this revenge from me. Then as I am struggling to just keep moving I look over at the one other male in the 930 class and he is removing his shirt as angels sing and a light from heaven shines down onto his fitness. He finished the work out 3 minutes faster than me. I was the last to finish with the entire class cheering me on. Not sure if I liked that or hated it. I just knew I did not want to be last to finish. The class members were awesome and extremely encouraging. Me, I was not as complimenting to myself. I knew I had a lot of work to do and needed to do it quickly.

As I continued down my fitness journey, I faced many obstacles along the way. Coworkers who doubted me and Crossfit. I mean, who can blame them for doubting me; I was out of shape and doubting myself at times. In month one, we had a work out that included rope climbs. Now I was nowhere close to being able to climb a rope so I had to do the beginning progression. Lay on the floor with feet flat and knees up then pull yourself up 3 times per round. All I can say is pirates were badasses! This was the first time I felt truly defeated and wanted to quit. I went home and contemplated never returning to the “box” and just drowning myself in ice cream and broken dreams.

That night before bed I made a decision to keep going to not let the failure get to me. Not to worry about what others think the group was extremely supportive and in reality I was the only one judging me or quite frankly gave a damn how I performed daily. At that moment, I made a commitment I still hold to this day.

Just keep moving. That’s it just keep moving until I am done.

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