The Story of Stan: Part 1 of 3

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Over the next three week’s we’ll be sharing the journey of Stan, a member who came to us in late 2017. He has become a cornerstone member of the Triumph community with his wife and daughter. His journey is filled with self doubt, failures, hard work and most importantly triumphs. _________________

Well here we are but, how did we get here?

Its October 21st 2017. Saturday morning after a long week at work, before another weekend of eating poorly. I step on the scale, knowing 5 days straight of eating a half gallon of ice cream before bed is not going to produce the desired results. 319.4 - I walk away ashamed, avoiding the bathroom mirrors and struggle to get redressed.

Downstairs silently I know I have to do something. I lose my breathe tying my shoes, I do not want to do anything that resembles activity, my clothes do not fit. I have went past being a “big guy”. I am a mess and spiralling out of control.

I do what we all do in that situation. I say one more day of unhealthy eating diet starts tomorrow… again. We get 2 pizza’s from Little Ceasers. This meal is for 3 people my wife, our 7 year old daughter and me. I eat 1 and 1/2 pizzas over the course of the day while sitting around watching football all day.

Sunday morning. Conversation time with Mary. I need help. I need to do something. Always supportive Mary suggests we go and look at gyms in the area. Where we live there are globo gyms everywhere. $10 a month, no sign up fee, tanning beds and hydro massages on every corner. We visit a few, mind you we just ended a contract with one 4 months earlier. $10 a month for a key fob and no results… mostly due to my lack of attendance I am sure. After the discussion and realization that we would sign up and not go. What else can we do? We Yelp’d it hoping for an oasis an iron paradise of sorts. There it was a crossfit gym popped up. Crossfit? No way! That’s an injury waiting to happen… as I sat there over 320lbs I am sure due to my pizza induced trance from yesterday. Unable to put on my socks without catching a cramp and sweating I was bashing something I knew nothing about. It says its opened. Lets go see what it looks like. As we drive over I list out all of the crossfitty things I am not doing!

Funny pull ups- no way. Flipping tires not me! Ridiculous runs while carrying barbells over my head while stopping to do sit ups on an atlas stone NEVER!!!

Like I could do any of them even if I wanted. When we walk in we are greeted by a fit women who looks like she may have lifted a weight before. Friendly and warm she invites us to look around. The music is pumping, people are banging weights around and the place looks like a gym- not a pretty globo gym but a real gritty hard work no nonsense get $☆!+ done gym. I like it!

Step one is complete.

So after putting one foot in front of the other and checking out the “box”. Never heard this gym called that, but feel to make this blog crossfitish, I need to insert “box” and “spicy” as much as possible. Mary and I went home to do what all normal people who went to visit a “box” would do… we youtube’d Crossfit videos and workouts. We made sure to stay away from the fail videos, as I wanted to be encouraged not discouraged. After an hour or so, I decided to get a bowl of ice cream ~see previous post about that new diet starting today~ and email the owner. Mark, one of the owners, called me back the next day to set up “fundamentals”, 6 classes before the classes.

One on one training to be ready to join a class… are they kidding me I won 1st place in the 5th grade softball throw and came in second for the 50 yard dash the same year. Who do they think they were working with here? Well, after 20 minutes of chit chat about goals and aspersions, it was time for the 320lbs animal to be unleashed on this world of Crossfit!!! I can’t tell you what the workout was or even the movements as I have blocked out those horrible memories. What I can tell you is: 1 minute and 25 seconds into this torture, my coach Mark was putting me through, I looked like an animal but not in a good way more in a seal giving birth type of way with the audio and facial expressions to go with the pain! What is happening? Why can I not breath? Why am I drooling and spitting? Did I just, yes, I think I just throw up in my mouth… I was 1/4 if the way through the workout. After somehow managing to complete day 1, I waited 2 days to set up day 2 you know because rest days are important any super fit guy like me knows that… oh boy was I in trouble.

Fast forward to fundamentals day 4. Ok, I’m in my grove now we are figuring out this Crossfit thing. Now it’s time for 4 movements following the rep scheme 12-9-6 box jumps, push press, dips, air squats. This should be easy! Somewhere in the round of 9’s I was looking around for a place that my headstone could be to commemorate the exact location where I died . What just happened? Not much was said or thought for the rest of the day. I was humbled. Again.

Day 6 my graduation day. No pictures or pomp and circumstances playing just Post Malone followed by Bruno Mars but this is it last fundamentals and I was ready for prime time! Well, here is where Mark, bless him and his patience, tried then tried again and again and again and well, you get it, to teach me how to snatch. This was a fail almost losing a nipple, my nose and somehow managing to hit myself in the chin. It hurt but I played it cool. Ugh, snatches were hard and that was with just the barbell… the 15lb training barbell.

Now I know why they make you go to fundamentals. On to the bright lights and big stage of 9:30 classes.

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