The Open is over, now what?

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You’ve spent the last five weeks strategizing, thinking, staying up late worrying, sweating, re-attempting, PR’ing and submitting your scores to a worldwide competition. Now it’s over, what do you do now? I told a couple people along the way I was going to write a post titled “The Open Doesn’t Matter Because Everything Else Does”. The point of it being to show that there are wildy more important things in life other than five scores. But it’s too easy to misconstrue and to be honest it was awe inspiring to see everyone give everything they had to these workouts. I’m a proud coach and a very fortunate member of an amazing community of people that got to see first hand what it looks like when a group of people “embrace the suck” as one. DSC 2227

For those five weeks it’s all you thought about. “How could I have dropped that bar on that last rep?” “Who puts handstand walks in an Open workout?” “Why do I suck at double unders still?” I’m sure there are plenty more. But the point here is that for a lot of you it was all you could think about, whether it was beating that one person from your gym or for a very very select few toeing the line of going to the next level of Regionals.

So what now? Just pack it in and wait for next year? Absolutely not. This is your chance to work on the weaknesses in which were exposed over the last couple of weeks. Pinpoint them and attack. Get a trainer, ask those who know how to do the things you struggle with. Squat more on the weekends, deadlift more to strengthen your back, do RomWod five times a week to improve your hips and shoulders, practice muscle up progressions more than once a blue moon. I digress, this isn’t really the point of this post, but seriously, if the Open is where it’s at for you, seek help in your weaker areas, that’s another post.

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The wonderful thing about CrossFit is it prepares us for literally any circumstance. CrossFit is not the Open, it is not Regionals nor the Games. It is life. We train to do our best in the Open, it’s an awesome goal but one put there every year as a sort of low hanging fruit. Challenge yourself, you proved to yourself you could withstand hell, now what’s next?

Did you know there’s a 35 mile trail race in Pennsylvania? What an amazing way to test what you’re made of physically and mentally. There’s a 40k, 60k and 100k bike race in the Carolinas and there are literally hundreds of weightlifting meets.


This isn’t to deter you from your local CrossFit competition, keep doing those, they’re a blast, especially those with friends. But the point here is to go out and use your fitness, think outside the box, try new things and see what your body and mind are capable of. You’ve put yourself through torture for five weeks and came out stronger on the other side, now what are you going to do next?

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