The Easiest way to Start in Fitness

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We hear all too often “I don’t know how to even start working out”. It’s a common response and or excuse on why people never take the leap into fitness. We’re here to help kickstart that journey. I want you to start a clock right now. Seriously do it i’ll wait.

Pick any movement in the world. It could be push ups, squats, sit ups, jumping, running or just walking. When that clock gets to the next minute get up and do one of those movements. For example, push ups. When the clock hits 1 minute complete 10 push ups within that minute and rest if there’s any time left over. We’re looking at somewhere between 30 - 45 seconds of work, if it’s taking you longer than that to complete your reps, start by lowering the number. Maybe start with 5 push ups, the number is 100% up to you. One thing you can’t change is the clock. So decide on what movement you want to do. Then pick how many reps of that movement you want to do. Once you’re ready start a clock, switching movements each minute. As you progress you can make things more challenging by adding more reps or lengthening the minutes you workout.

We use the acronym EMOM which stands for Every Minute On the Minute. A basic version of the workout is below involving only one movement.

*EMOM 5 minutes: 10 Push ups *1st minute 10 push ups and rest
*2nd minute 10 push ups and rest *3rd minute 10 push ups and rest *4th minute 10 push ups and rest *5th minute 10 push ups and rest

Pretty simple right? A more complex version of an EMOM would be as follows:

*12 Minute EMOM: *1st minute 15 Squats *2nd minute 20 Kettlebell Swings *3rd minute 25 Sit Ups

Obviously we only have three movements in this variation and a total working time of 12 minutes. Repeat the entire sequence 4 more times to get for 12 minutes total. Below is a short list of movements you can try that involve no equipment at all.

*Push Ups *Squats *Sit Ups *Lunges *Planks *Burpees *High Jumps *Broad Jumps *Mountain Climbers *Lateral Lunges *Flutter Kicks *Jumping Squats

The EMOM works with any movements as long as you can finish that movement and reps within the minute. Ideally you should have at least 15-30 seconds of rest. The options are literally endless but don’t let that overwhelm you, Just start with one movement and try to brush up on the technique. Our Youtube channel or instagram page is a great resource.

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