SWEAT or CrossFit: Which is best for you?

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With any fitness regime, adherence to the training, proper eating and hydration are the keys to the results you seek. When looking at the vast fitness space, HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are as popular as ever. At Triumph we pride ourselves in offering scalable and all inclusive CrossFit workouts everyday. CrossFit specializes in not specializing, allowing you to improve weaknesses in your overall fitness. The workouts are different everyday and often are unrivaled in their intensity. This is one of the main draws of CrossFit but can also be a deterrent for those who may be intimidated by what they have heard or seen from the broadcast of things like the CrossFit Games.

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SWEAT classes can often match the intensity of it’s fitness cousin but often lack barbells, heavier weight or high skill movements. Think “bootcamp” here. Therefore they are missing pieces to the puzzle when it comes to a well rounded approach to fitness. SWEAT workouts provide an opportunity to just that, sweat! All while increasing core strength and what most would consider traditional “cardio”.

How does this help in CrossFit classes? For starters, the movements performed in a SWEAT class will often directly carry over to a CrossFit class. Secondly, we often hear “I have to get in shape before starting CrossFit”. While we know this isn’t true, SWEAT classes can be that segway to the more well rounded approach of a CrossFit class. Lastly, SWEAT classes help build confidence. Learning new skills, pushing your personal limits and stepping outside your comfort zone are just a few added bonuses.

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There are many benefits to SWEAT classes. Being only 30 minutes, time is on your side. With no barbell or high skilled movements, there isn’t a need for lots of instruction time. What most would consider a full body workout, SWEAT classes are designed to burn a maximum number of calories in the shortest amount of time. The bottom line SWEAT classes are great for anyone looking to get in shape.

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