scale Rx

I’m a coach. I scaled today.

When I agreed to accept the challenge to coach at Triumph Strength and Conditioning, I was focused on the members, I didn’t consider how it would change my mindset. A few of the early workouts after passing my Level 1 Certification I looked at the board, added the Rx weight or set up the Rx movement without a second thought. A poor choice on my part. A few times I couldn’t finish the workout or had to change the movement or weight immediately. I was measuring my fitness based on the title of “coach” rather than who I am, it was humbling.

The workout consisted of a snatch weight that I can easily move multiple times when fresh but based on the other movements in the workout I would struggle to move the weight as the workout intended. Let me repeat that: “as the workout intended.” Often, we get caught up in what the Rx standard is and who is completing that standard, in reality when we follow the prescribed intent of the workout not the weight or movement standard, that is where we see consistent success.

When I look at every workout, before I even consider Rx or look at my past performances, I identify the intent of the workout. How many reps should I be able to complete of that movement when fatigued? Can I perform those movements and keep a 3:00 a round pace? If no, what movement or weight changes can I make to meet that standard? What percentage of effort can I expend for 30 minutes where I can limit my breaks during an AMRAP? I promise that if you identify and work from the intent of the workout rather than Rx you will have great success. You will know when it’s time to challenge Rx rather than questioning if Rx is right for you. If you’re not sure, ask a coach! As yourself if you got better today, regardless of if you clicked the Rx button.

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