Programming Preview: Week of 9/17


This will be a bit longer than usual. A lot of great information in here, so make sure you watch the entire video. We’ll be explaining some reasoning behind some of the workouts, and exactly what we expect from each day.

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MONDAY 18min TIME CAP 21 Burpees 21 Pull ups 21 Snatch 95/65 15 Burpees over bar 15 Chest to bar pull ups 15 Snatch 135/95 9 Bar facing burpees 9 Muscle ups 9 Snatch 165/115

TUESDAY Hi Hang Cleans 8-6-4-4-4 E2MOM

10min EMOM 5min: 3-5 Clean Pull 120% of heaviest 4 reps 5min: 14/12 cal row

1min transition between movements


Part 1 HSPU SKILL Goal get into a perfect handstand

5 rounds 20 HSPU 30 Goblet Squats 53/35 400m run 50 Double unders/100 singles

THURSDAY Push Press 8-6-4-4-4

4 rounds 15 Box Jumps 12 Toes to bar 9 DB push press 50/35

FRIDAY 5min Interval 5 rounds 5min clock 10/7cal bike 20 pistol squats 200m run

Rest in any remaining time

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