11 Sep
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What to Eat for an Entire Day

What to eat!? That always seems to be the question whenever someone starts down the path towards bettering their nutrition and rightfully so. With so much information on the grocery shelves online and in advertising it’s almost impossible to decipher what’s good from what’s bad. While there have been some great advances in food technology, sticking ...

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07 May

Meal Prep using My Fitness Pal

So we’re in the middle of the Springboard Challenge and you guys have been rocking it. We’ve had some questions about how to prep your meals for the week. Check out the video below to see how you can prep your meals, weigh and measure and track into My Fitness Pal. We’ll go in depth on the math behind dividing your meals up evenly so it’s easier to t...

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24 Sep

Fasting for Health or Religion, there is a Lesson for Everyone

I have only fasted twice in my 29 years of living, once for 21 days and the other, 7 days. I fasted from food while the sun was up; therefore, I had breakfast before sunrise and dinner after sunset, and let me tell you, it does not get any easier. People fast for different reasons, as Dr. Jason Fung writes, “When done right, fasting is an incredibly ...

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11 Apr
Andrew nutrition

Nutritional Q&A with Coach Andrew

Coach Andrew took a bunch of questions he had been getting and took time to address them. There’s a ton of great information here. At certain points he’ll address studies, you can find the links to these studies below, click on them to enlarge the photo. Each image corresponds with the time stamps below. Metabolic Non-Advantage- 8:50-9:20 Metabolic...

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