16 Sep

Programming Preview: Week of 9/17

This will be a bit longer than usual. A lot of great information in here, so make sure you watch the entire video. We’ll be explaining some reasoning behind some of the workouts, and exactly what we expect from each day. Embedded content: https://youtu.be/QsIJ5qVbTvo MONDAY 18min TIME CAP 21 Burpees 21 Pull ups 21 Snatch 95/65 15 Burpees over bar ...

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09 Sep

Programming Preview: Week of 9/10

It’s testing week! Get ready for some new PR’s. Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix9z8pUWHj0&feature=youtu.be

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02 Sep

Programming Preview: Week of 9/3

Remember only 8/9/10/11 AM classes on Monday. Bring a friend or seven. This will be a deload week, check out the video to find out some strategy and tips for the week’s workouts. Embedded content: https://youtu.be/I1_fIqZJTI4

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30 Aug
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September Member of the Month: Chris Mittchell

Chris is proof that super heroes exist. Super human strength, the willingness and ability to bring everyone up around him and his incredible intelligence make him September’s member of the month. Chris started with us as a way to help rehab his shoulder and to get back into boxing. Needless to say, whether he’s still boxing or not, he’s found a home...

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26 Aug

Programming Preview: Week of 8/26

So, left the good camera equipment at home. The audio is pretty rough in this week’s programming preview. So we wanted to list out the workouts for the week if watching it is too bad on the ears. Though, I would absolutely listen to the first bit to catch some extra workout info. Monday Sumo Deadlift 8-6-4-4-4 10min AMRAP 5 power cleans 205/135 10...

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09 Aug

Programming Preview: Week of 8/13

So many good workouts coming your way this week, you’re going to just have to watch the programming preview to see what’s coming at you! Embedded content: https://youtu.be/aUs-yvI46CM

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08 Aug

Programming Preview: Week of 8/20

Is there really any better way to start the week of right than with Fran??? We don’t think so. See what we have to say about some strategy and see what else is in store for you WOD week in this week’s programming preview. Embedded content: https://youtu.be/RHQxe9hZU90

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07 Aug

30 days 30 miles: Run Through Weakness

First off, I’m not special and anybody can do this. This little journey started when I was pulling up laminate flooring listening to the Joe Rogan experience podcast. His guest was Navy Seal, and in his words, former “fatty” David Goggins. If you haven’t listened to it, please do it’s on YouTube. One of the things he talked about was rewiring your br...

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03 Aug

Programming Preview: Week of 8/6

We’ve got three chances to bring in your friends this week! Check out this week’s programming preview to see what’s coming your way. Embedded content: https://youtu.be/LaydWQl2L2E

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31 Jul
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August Member of the Month: Eleanore Blair

Eleanore is one of those members who doesn’t have one huge “ah-ha” moment in fitness. She is cool and calculate, soaking up every bit of advice you throw her way. She’s become stronger both mentally and physically as well as bringing in her children, leading by example through her actions in and out of the gym. We’re extremely lucky to have her as ...

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27 Jul

Programming Preview: Week of 7/30

Starting in August, every Tuesday and Thursday is open to all! Bring a friend in each and every Tues/Thurs to give them a taste to what Triumph is all about. Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD-kgrAGkDY&feature=youtu.be

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25 Jul
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60 Seconds with Carl Miller

Carl has only been with us a couple of months but as someone who comes in on his lunch breaks, after work or pretty much any time he can fit it in, he’s become one of the hardest working people at Triumph. Check out his answers to our questions in this week’s athlete profile. Embedded content: https://youtu.be/6wXdAt5AXBA

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22 Jul

Programming Preview: Week of 7/23

Coach Mark and Coach Jarrett square off to see if Mark can finish the programming preview bedore Jarrett finishes his 100 burpees for the day. Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEgYWcxlJzo&feature=youtu.be

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19 Jul
Screenshot 2018-07-19 09.34.56

60 Seconds with Mike Colgan

There are few more elusive and mysterious than the Colgan. We finally got him to give us a minute out of his busy day to answer a few questions for us. Embedded content: https://youtu.be/si-glIKSb2M

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13 Jul

Programming Preview: Week of 7/16

We just finished up with a testing cycle. We had some great success with PR’s and big numbers being put up. We’ll be starting a new cycle with this week. Make sure you record your numbers! Embedded content: https://youtu.be/543Mtiy5t3o

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11 Jul
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60 Seconds with Melissa Schneickert

We asked Melissa a ton of rapid fire questions and had her answer in turn Check out what she had to say! Embedded content: https://youtu.be/yv5xsjvDqec

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08 Jul

Programming Preview: Week of 7/9

It’s testing week. 6 weeks ago we tested max strict press, push ups, sit ups and a couple other workouts. This is your chance to PR! Embedded content: https://youtu.be/0m-_ACo2VK0

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05 Jul
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60 Seconds with Ann Flesch

Get to know Triumph’s very own personal ray of sunshine Ann Flesh a little better this week. She took time after a hard workout to answer some questions we threw her way. Embedded content: https://youtu.be/UZBlLugi0QU

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28 Jun

Programming Preview: Week of 7/2

It’s the first week of July and we’re starting it off with a bang. Check out this week’s programming preview for all your workouts! Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z4qgMciZ-M&feature=youtu.be

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26 Jun
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July Member of the Month: Wendy Shepherd

Wendy has had an amazing transformation in a very short amount of time. She came to Triumph looking for a change in her life, she took the bull by the horns and has not only changed her body but her mind as well. She is stronger in all aspects in her life, she’s brought her fam