Let us help you


Let us help you, pretty please with sugar on top! But only if you’re ready. Maybe next week? Maybe next month, year, ten years?


Let me rephrase that. Let us help you NOW. Let us help your family, your friends, the bank teller, grocery store worker, your co-worker, church friends, facebook friends and even help the people you don’t like.

When will we take action to help the people around us? Tomorrow, a week, a year, a lifetime? One of the biggest problems the older population (70 and up) lives with is REGRET. I wish I would have done this sooner, or said something sooner, etc. What is holding you back? When is it too late?

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Let’s start with your beliefs. Do you truly believe in fitness? Does it make you feel better mentally and physically? Is there something that you could be doing that is better? I think that is a question a lot of people struggle with in everything they do. Look at the statistic that says only ¼ of people actually like their job which is something that consumes over 50% of their waking lives. However, studies support that people who work out at least 30 minutes a day are overall happier and lead a better life.

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I’ll say it again, when will you take some action? Get up and decide that you’re in charge of your life and your body! You control what goes in your mouth and also what comes out of it. Start with having a constructive conversation or preparing a good meal. Remember, whatever meal you’re about to eat next is your choice and whatever bad or good thing that is about to come out of your mouth is your choice. The outcomes you are currently experiencing are a product of your choices. If you are healthy and happy then keep it up, but just clue some of the rest of us in on your secret. Please!

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I’ve ate a lot of bad things and said regrettable things to people. I’m far from perfect. All I can do is try harder and put myself in a position to succeed. I want to be successful, and I don’t want that success to be defined by numbers in an account or likes on this post. I want it to be defined by the amount of people Triumph helps and the people that better themselves through community fitness. I would like to think we are just getting started. The challenge ahead will be tough but the vision is clear. HELP as many people discover that they are not alone and have the power to change the world through their actions. Get off the sidelines and into the game.


So let me encourage you to invite someone in the month of February to try a class. Maybe invite someone over your house and cook them a good meal. Your actions should reflect the type of person you are striving to become. Just look at defending CrossFit champion Matt Fraser, the guy eat, sleeps, and breaths CrossFit. Everything he does revolves around his goal to win the CrossFit games. So I’ll ask for the final time. What’s holding you back? Is it a friend, parent, spouse, or yourself? Figure it out fast because life is not slowing down. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. So do something different, whether it be look through your phone and send that message to a friend or have a tough conversation with your boss. Everyday at CrossFit I would like to think people get multiple sensations out of it. I hope they feel out of breath from getting their HR up and pushing themselves, but also have fun, laugh and engage, in a positive community. Squeeze every drop out of your life.

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