June Member of the Month: Melissa Schneickert

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What can be said about Melissa that we don’t already know? We know she’s a kind, caring and loving mother. She’s a beast in the gym. She’s made huge strides in all of her skills at Triumph. What you may not know is her preferred choice of music given the chance. I distinctly remember a class where she was going solo. “Melissa, what do you want to listen to?” I asked. She responded “Do you have and Five Finger Death Punch?”. YEAH BUDDY! Completely out of left field and that’s one of the many many reasons why we love Melissa.

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A staple at the 9:30 AM class, Melissa actually started out with us during one of our boot camps. At one point, she was the only one left in class as all the others had joined our regular whiteboard classes. She finally made the switch and has never looked back. Perfection is the name of the game when talking about Melissa. She will dial down a skill until it’s as perfect as it can be. We’re so incredibly lucky to have her in our family. Make sure you give her a congrats when you see her next!

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