Introducing Kids and Gymnastics Coach: Becky Riess

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With Triumph Troops and Triumph Teens starting back up we wanted to take a moment to introduce Becky. She’ll be taking over the role as coach for Triumph Troops. Get to know her a little better below!

What is your background? In my youth, I was a level 6 acro-gymnast, which is a bit different than traditional gymnastics apparatus and skills, but still with the same rigor and commitment. It quickly grew to become a passion and has remained at the top of my list of sports. I also played school/summer sports - team and individual events - so I do have versatility.

As an adult, I eventually circled back to gymnastics, tumbling and trampolining at Top Flight until I became pregnant with my (now teenager) third child. I decided after that, I should just coach which is what started my kids coaching career in 2006 at Silverlake Rec Family Place. After 5 or so year, I took a break from Silverlake coaching but during that last year at Silverlake, started my “CrossFit” venture. Throughout my CrossFit years, I was given the opportunity to coach CrossFit gymnastics and help with the CrossFit kids program at Ft. Wright CrossFit, which lasted about 2.5 years. But due to changes in my 9-5 “real job”, I had to resign from all CrossFit coaching. But once again, life has evolved back to Silverlake gymnastics coaching and CrossFit kids coaching so at this point, I think it’s my purpose in life. 😊

How long have you been involved with coaching children? Since 2006.

What is your favorite thing about coaching kids? I absolutely LOVE to see kids learn new skills and really feel the excitement and accomplishment when they “get it”. Kids are very transparent and want nothing more than to feel supported.

Where did you grow up? Where else have you lived? Born and raised a country Buckeye (please don’t hate me) -Wilmington, Ohio - but eventually became a transplant to “The Promised Land” as my husband states, to Erlanger in 1999.

Favorite Ice cream or dessert Not a fair question. I treat all desserts equally. YUM!!!

What did you want to be when you were a kid? I always thought of being a lawyer. I have NO idea why…I’m a terrible debater! Ha!

What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? First…-tell my husband his dream has come true. 😊 Then we would talk about who we would help with the winnings.

I hope this gives a light to my passion for kids and gymnastics. I want to help as many kids/adults learn basic, but very important, skills that can transfer to other avenues in their active lives. And I hope this makes me a better coach!

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