Day 10 of 21: Mental Wellness


Day 10: Let It Go

Task: No, you don’t need to sing from “Frozen”! Just find one thing you can forgive or let go of.

Why: Resentment and regret are massive drags on our mental energy. By practicing letting go of mistakes we’ve made or anybody who’s wronged us, we’re lightening the load on our brains, freeing it up to improve our mood and make our lives better.

You can pick something from the day or something from the past. You absolutely don’t need to start with the biggest, baddest thing that’s ever happened to you. As an example, you could forgive yourself for swearing in traffic today or forgetting to get back to a text as quickly as you would like. Over time, as you improve, you’ll find yourself able to forgive and let go of bigger things.

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