Day 1 of 21: Mental Wellness


Day 1: Take a Minute

Task: Set a timer for 60-120 seconds on your phone. Press go and now sit there! If you’d like you can:

Focus on your breaths. Perform a little body scan from head to toe. Sit back and observe your thoughts.

We’ve found this habit works best when you pair it with a habit you already do. So we’d suggest you do this with your morning cup of coffee.

Once it’s over, give yourself a pat on the back for giving your brain a break and your mind the much-needed space it deserves to build clarity.

Why This Works: All day long we’re bombarded by inputs. Taking a minute allows our brain time to sort all the info. If you’ve ever had a breakthrough in the shower to a problem you’ve been spending mental energy on, this is it in a more deliberate way to “create space.”

Over time, our awareness of our thoughts, body sensations, emotions and needs improves, and the more we practice the Clarity Break, the more aware we’ll be throughout the day. We’ll start every day in the challenge with a 60-120 second Clarity Break.

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