Cut the B.S. Cut the Fat.


“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter in physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable” -Socrates-

I humbly bring you this quote as it is one of my favorites I have ever come across. It applies to everyone and it I believe speaks to the heart of each person who wants to grow physically or mentally. I have been wanting to write this for a while but frankly this is a large weakness for me. I do not look at these times as anything more than the gift of “Learning the hard way” So that I can somehow help other people figure it out.

So to begin let me say that I have been “working out” since I was 13, coaching since I was 18 and went to school for Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology. I tell you that to tell you this, I have told EVERY SINGLE CLIENT/MEMBER/FRIEND ETC, how important nutrition is! Well, I didn’t and wasn’t practicing what I preached and that is pretty embarrassing. I didn’t have a great relationship with food, I generally ate too much or ate way too little. If I knew I could workout until I was about to vomit I would feel better and that worked for a while.

I was a little chubby and wanted to play football and had a couple of family members tell me I was too weak etc. I had asthma and low confidence. When I began to workout it became an obsession very quickly, nutrition not so much. I leaned up and by that next summer people were complimenting me on how great I looked! YES! It worked! Kinda, throughout High School people saw me as the exercise guy because I loved it, I loved it because it gave me value because I was leaner.

This carried through to college where I wanted to “Bulk” up, go ahead shake your head, I do! I got up to 215 by end of Freshman year and about mid-way through Sophomore year I was 140, my weight has done this FOR YEARS! Taking diet pills and honestly being jealous of those with 6 packs because I “Just couldn’t get them”. My family often told me that every time they saw me my weight had completely changed. From seeing the bones in my face to bulky bodybuilder I was never really focusing.

THEN IT HAPPENED…. I got married to someone who loved being fit as much as I did, granted by this time I have changed a lot of my thoughts and feelings about food and nutrition. I thought I looked great haha. We went on vacation to Hilton Head last June and when we returned Becca said that she wanted to get leaner and focus on her diet, I told her I would do it with her but she’d have to help me. Usually when she went on a “diet” I would just continue to do my own thing which in all honesty WASN’T WORKING! On Monday I would weigh 193, Wednesday 184, Friday 196. This was not working. She sat me down we made goals and a plan, it was not what I enjoyed, Shopping, Meal prepping, counting…..anything! I promised her I’d do it.

There were growing pains to it, learning to use the app, figuring out timing but most importantly, cutting the excuses and the BS out of my day to day. I worked out real hard I DESERVE this donut/ice cream/extra calories. We cut our cheat meals down to maybe 1 a week (which has saved a bunch of money) but also cut down the weight for both us. It was about the time I hit 185 and my weight was only moving a pound or so a week that I realized a painful truth, I had been a fake or at minimum not giving my best honest effort to those around me. I had expected everyone to do something because I said so!?? For that I apologize, for that I can tell you now that I feel better than I have ever been, and so can you, if I can do this YOU CAN TOO! Simple steps to take, download MyFitnessPal APP, enter all the food you eat for a week. Yes, all of it. Eat like you normally would, start eliminating the crazy high carb junk food and replace it with a vegetable or rice option. More greens, all the normal stuff, but remember fat (good fat) is your friend. If you take away 500 cal you will lose weight, if you add 500 you’ll gain.

If you mess up be better tomorrow, that’s what we are all trying to do right? Give your best in each workout and be proud, get enough sleep, eat enough but not too much. The beauty of nutrition is that we can control it and can be as creative as we’d like or as simple and straightforward as we’d like.

To shorten a post that maybe could have been shorter, it’s a tough pill to swallow but sometimes we pat ourselves on the back for something we haven’t done yet or make excuses as to why others can do things. Many times in our lives we are our biggest enemies. Facing that and cutting the shtuff is the unlock to the things we want. At the end of the day we have to be able to look ourselves in the mirror and take and honest look at the effort we give everything we do. The coaches at Triumph (I Speak for them because we know our mission) Want you to succeed, and we don’t care about your scores we care about your health and your life. We are here for you because you came to us to change your life and we will do everything in our power to get you there. Take it from me there is no short cut there is no covering up dishonesty, up until 6 months ago I thought I was pretending pretty well….I wasn’t.

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