5 Ways to Start Eating Better

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Know your numbers

What we don’t know doesn’t hurt us right? By the nature of that question and what this post is about, you already know it’s wrong. How can we track and make better decisions without knowing what we’re basing said decisions off of?

Simply put, if we’re supposed to be eating 2000 calories for example and we’re eating 3000 because we THINK that’s how much we should be eating, we’re already starting behind the eight ball. The way we get our numbers is pretty straight forward. The InBody scanner (available to you as a Triumph member) tells us pertinent information regarding our overall health. Things like how much water we carry in our body, how much muscle and fat we have and possibly most importantly how many calories our bodies burn at rest (your basal metabolic rate).

Your BMR is important for many reasons. For this posts intentions it’s important because it gives us an insight to how many calories we burn just being alive. If our BMR is 1800 calories and we go run a half marathon we can expect to burn off 1500 additional calories. However if my BMR is 1800 calories and I sit and watch every Avengers movie out, I can bet I won’t be burning off much more than my BMR.

Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store

An oldie but a goodie as they say. Generally speaking the freshest items are kept at the outskirts of your local grocery. Most likely by design. I’m sure there’s been many a study concluding that it’s the best way to have a store set up. It works to a healthy eater’s advantage as well. Keeping to the outside of the store will allow you to avoid most of the processed food located on the shelves in the middle.

Track your food

We cannot stress this one enough. Tracking your food, for most, is a bit of a shock to the system. “There’s no way I ate that.” “Tacos have how many calories?!” “I only had a few cookies”. When in reality a few cookies is an entire sleeve. By simply just tracking your food, there is a great chance you’ll start to eat better. Creating accountability around the subject will create awareness. You’ll start to think before you eat. Something we’re not predisposed to do.

We recommend using MyFitnessPal at Triumph. It’s intuitive, easy to use and free. One way to go about tracking is adding a calorie allotment to your BMR and track from there. Like anything in fitness and nutrition there are a million ways to reach a goal and by no means is this the only way to do so. Additionally, we’re not registered dieticians. Before starting any fitness or nutritional journey you should consult your doctor.

Do it with a friend

Accountability is one of the leading causes of failure and success. Accountability takes all of the responsibility of following through with a plan off of your shoulders allows someone else to help you along. For example, do you think you’d be more likely to get up for the 5:00 AM class if you and your spouse are both doing it together? Absolutely! Likewise, if you just tell yourself that you’re going to get up on your own to go, it’s much easier to hit that snooze and stay in bed.

Find someone who motivates you, and you in return for them. This will increase your chances of success substantially. Create a plan for those days you don’t want to follow through. Give yourself some grace as well as your partner.

Meal prep

Convenience is king. It’s why drive thru’s are popular. Why do we tend to lean towards getting something quick on the way home? One big reason is that it’s easy to do. If you’re at work and didn’t bring your lunch and you’re short on time, that vending machine starts to look pretty tempting. But what if you take the time to pre-make all your meals. You’re eliminating reasons to take the easy route.

The best way we’ve found meal prepping to work for us is to find 1-3 meals that are easy to make and you enjoy. Rotate between those meals each week. I personally am a bit lazy when I cook, so I make 10 meals each week and eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch. When I get home I make myself oatmeal and an omelette. Backwards, yes, but I like it, leave me alone :)

One of the common complaints about meal prep is that it gets boring eating the same thing every day. If you have the time and energy, make separate meals. The concept is the same, it will just require more prep work.

I’m sure this list could have been “Top 100 things to do to start eating healthy”. But small chunks are more digestible. One last thing to remember, ask your fellow community members, talk to a coach, use the internet to your advantage. There are hundreds if not thousands of recipes out there meant for busy people trying to improve themselves through fitness and nutrition. You can do this, you just have to start.

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