5 Stupid Easy Ways to Better Your Nutrition


It’s about that time. The time where the new year’s resolution honeymoon is starting to wear off. You no longer want to eat chicken and broccoli and the 5:00 AM class you promised yourself you’d go to 5 days a week seems less appealing than the extra hour of sleep you could get. I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS. Seriously, it may be the suck-fest portion but you’re on the way to making this a habit. Stick with it.

Nutrition should be the first thing we tackle when it comes to re energizing our lives with overall health changes. But it usually comes in a distant second. That’s okay! We understand how it is and we’re here to help. If you’re struggling with how to keep things going or how to get started, we compiled a short list below on some really easy alterations you can make to your kitchen or day to keep you on the path you want to be on.

Break out the fancy bowl


If you’re like me, you’ve got a pretty gnarly sweet tooth. A serving of Reeses Cups is all of the Reeses Cups as far as I’m concerned. I have trouble with taking the healthy route when it’s not visible. Keeping fruit in the crisper drawer used to be the go to, but I found it just went to waste. Putting apples and oranges out in a large bowl on the island, kitchen table or prominent place in the kitchen can help you direct your sweet urges to something more nutritious.


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Again, speaking from personal experience. If I’m hungry, move. I’m like a cartoon vacuum, out of control, swirling around the room, consuming everything in sight. The tendency to overeat in situations like this is enormous. The reason being is we haven’t given ourselves a chance to realize we’re full yet. I have found that if I wait 5-10 minutes (leaning towards 10) that I will be much less likely to go back for more. I know it’s an oldie, but hey, it’s a goodie.

WWFPD (What would fit people do)

This sounds silly right? How is asking this going to help meeee? Easy, associating yourself mentally with those you wish to be like can have profound impact on your day to day routines. Let’s use Jack LaLanne for example. Sidebar here, look him up, he was incredible. Almost lived to be 100, and pioneered so many things about the fitness industry that are still being impacted to this day.


Anyways, Jack was incredibly healthy, worked out like a mad man and ate impeccably. Now, you’re about to eat your 5th Reeses from a couple paragraphs up and out loud, this is important, out loud say “What would Jack LaLanne do”, or insert whichever fitness icon you may have in mind.



Now this might be one of those “c’mon dummy, we know” kind of things. But bear with me. Let’s assume the worst case scenario, you drink a soda with every meal you have, diet or regular. Just start drinking water with ONE meal. If you’re less regular, shoot for an entire day without a soda. For those of you who have already cut sugary drinks out of your diets, work on hydrating yourself more. Keep track of what you consume in the world of high quality H2O and see if you’re meeting your hydration needs.

Prepare one meal

It really does start with one simple meal. Let’s be realistic, if you’re making your own food, you’re much more likely to make something that is more nutritious than if you’re going out to eat. What is the likelihood you’re going to make a bloomin onion at home? Slim to none. But when it’s throwing it’s fried oniony goodness in your face, it’s real easy to say yes.


One meal, that’s what it can start with. Make something you enjoy, there are literally THOUSANDS of recipes out there for you to make. Make it with your spouse, kids, dogs or cats. I can attest that my dogs love my cooking. Even when I’m not too fond of it. The kitchen can be a wonderful place, a place to come together, share memories and start a healthy lifestyle together.

I hope this short list gives you at least one takeaway you can implement today. Try them all out, see which ones you’re ready to run with and only move forward with the rest as your life allows.

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